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NChain Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
ChainBase Base class for IChain implementations.
CommandBase Base class for commands. Delivers constants that are used by command to signalize result of their execution.
ContextBase Base class for IContext implementations. Simple hashmap.


Interface Description
IChain IChain is ordered list of commands. It receives particular IContext that should be processed. IContext is processed by passing it to commands available in IChain(starting from first ICommand in IChain to the last one). IContext processing is performed until one of the IChain's commands returns true, one of the IChain's commands throws an exception or end of the IChain's commands list is reached.
ICommand ICommand represents unit of work that should be performed taking IContext under consideration.
IContext IContext represents information that should be processed by ICommand or IChain. Consider using Facade pattern for your particular IContext to get typesefe access to IContext information(data).
IFilter IFilter is type of ICommand that contains postProcess method. In case when this particular IFilter's execute method was executed by IChain then IChain have to execute also this particular IFilter's postProcess method.