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IChain.execute Method 

Execute IContext processing by calling execute method of all commands that are in IChain's commands list (starting from first ICommand in that list to the last one). Execution rules: - IContext execution while IChain dosn't contain any ICommand will cause that execute method will return false - when IChain's commands list contains IFilter commands then call their postProcess method starting from last executed IFilter type command to the first one that was executed. - when one of the Chain's commands throws an exception during execution and that command is not an IFilter then rethrow that exception - if none of above cases happens then return value returned by execute method of last ICommand that was executed

[Visual Basic]
Function execute( _
   ByVal context As IContext _
) As Boolean
bool execute(
   IContext context


IContext to process

Return Value

true - when IContext processing is completed, false - when context processing is not completed

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